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Agent Configuration Reference

This is a reference to all parameters that can be used to configure the rke2 agent. Note that while this is a reference to the command line arguments, the best way to configure RKE2 is using the configuration file.

RKE2 Agent CLI Help

If an option appears in brackets below, for example [$RKE2_URL], it means that the option can be passed in as an environment variable of that name.

rke2 agent - Run node agent

rke2 agent command [command options] [arguments...]


--config FILE, -c FILE (config) Load configuration from FILE (default: "/etc/rancher/rke2/config.yaml") [$RKE2_CONFIG_FILE]
--debug (logging) Turn on debug logs [$RKE2_DEBUG]
--token value, -t value (cluster) Token to use for authentication [$RKE2_TOKEN]
--token-file value (cluster) Token file to use for authentication [$RKE2_TOKEN_FILE]
--server value, -s value (cluster) Server to connect to [$RKE2_URL]
--data-dir value, -d value (data) Folder to hold state (default: "/var/lib/rancher/rke2")
--node-name value (agent/node) Node name [$RKE2_NODE_NAME]
--node-label value (agent/node) Registering and starting kubelet with set of labels
--node-taint value (agent/node) Registering kubelet with set of taints
--image-credential-provider-bin-dir value (agent/node) The path to the directory where credential provider plugin binaries are located (default: "/var/lib/rancher/credentialprovider/bin")
--image-credential-provider-config value (agent/node) The path to the credential provider plugin config file (default: "/var/lib/rancher/credentialprovider/config.yaml")
--container-runtime-endpoint value (agent/runtime) Disable embedded containerd and use alternative CRI implementation
--snapshotter value (agent/runtime) Override default containerd snapshotter (default: "overlayfs")
--private-registry value (agent/runtime) Private registry configuration file (default: "/etc/rancher/rke2/registries.yaml")
--node-ip value, -i value (agent/networking) IPv4/IPv6 addresses to advertise for node
--node-external-ip value (agent/networking) IPv4/IPv6 external IP addresses to advertise for node
--resolv-conf value (agent/networking) Kubelet resolv.conf file [$RKE2_RESOLV_CONF]
--kubelet-arg value (agent/flags) Customized flag for kubelet process
--kube-proxy-arg value (agent/flags) Customized flag for kube-proxy process
--protect-kernel-defaults (agent/node) Kernel tuning behavior. If set, error if kernel tunables are different than kubelet defaults.
--selinux (agent/node) Enable SELinux in containerd [$RKE2_SELINUX]
--lb-server-port value (agent/node) Local port for supervisor client load-balancer. If the supervisor and apiserver are not colocated an additional port 1 less than this port will also be used for the apiserver client load-balancer. (default: 6444) [$RKE2_LB_SERVER_PORT]
--kube-apiserver-image value (image) Override image to use for kube-apiserver [$RKE2_KUBE_APISERVER_IMAGE]
--kube-controller-manager-image value (image) Override image to use for kube-controller-manager [$RKE2_KUBE_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_IMAGE]
--kube-proxy-image value (image) Override image to use for kube-proxy [$RKE2_KUBE_PROXY_IMAGE]
--kube-scheduler-image value (image) Override image to use for kube-scheduler [$RKE2_KUBE_SCHEDULER_IMAGE]
--pause-image value (image) Override image to use for pause [$RKE2_PAUSE_IMAGE]
--runtime-image value (image) Override image to use for runtime binaries (containerd, kubectl, crictl, etc) [$RKE2_RUNTIME_IMAGE]
--etcd-image value (image) Override image to use for etcd [$RKE2_ETCD_IMAGE]
--kubelet-path value (experimental/agent) Override kubelet binary path [$RKE2_KUBELET_PATH]
--cloud-provider-name value (cloud provider) Cloud provider name [$RKE2_CLOUD_PROVIDER_NAME]
--cloud-provider-config value (cloud provider) Cloud provider configuration file path [$RKE2_CLOUD_PROVIDER_CONFIG]
--profile value (security) Validate system configuration against the selected benchmark (valid items: cis-1.6, cis-1.23 ) [$RKE2_CIS_PROFILE]
--audit-policy-file value (security) Path to the file that defines the audit policy configuration [$RKE2_AUDIT_POLICY_FILE]
--control-plane-resource-requests value (components) Control Plane resource requests [$RKE2_CONTROL_PLANE_RESOURCE_REQUESTS]
--control-plane-resource-limits value (components) Control Plane resource limits [$RKE2_CONTROL_PLANE_RESOURCE_LIMITS]
--kube-apiserver-extra-mount value (components) kube-apiserver extra volume mounts [$RKE2_KUBE_APISERVER_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--kube-scheduler-extra-mount value (components) kube-scheduler extra volume mounts [$RKE2_KUBE_SCHEDULER_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--kube-controller-manager-extra-mount value (components) kube-controller-manager extra volume mounts [$RKE2_KUBE_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--kube-proxy-extra-mount value (components) kube-proxy extra volume mounts [$RKE2_KUBE_PROXY_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--etcd-extra-mount value (components) etcd extra volume mounts [$RKE2_ETCD_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--cloud-controller-manager-extra-mount value (components) cloud-controller-manager extra volume mounts [$RKE2_CLOUD_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_EXTRA_MOUNT]
--kube-apiserver-extra-env value (components) kube-apiserver extra environment variables [$RKE2_KUBE_APISERVER_EXTRA_ENV]
--kube-scheduler-extra-env value (components) kube-scheduler extra environment variables [$RKE2_KUBE_SCHEDULER_EXTRA_ENV]
--kube-controller-manager-extra-env value (components) kube-controller-manager extra environment variables [$RKE2_KUBE_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_EXTRA_ENV]
--kube-proxy-extra-env value (components) kube-proxy extra environment variables [$RKE2_KUBE_PROXY_EXTRA_ENV]
--etcd-extra-env value (components) etcd extra environment variables [$RKE2_ETCD_EXTRA_ENV]
--cloud-controller-manager-extra-env value (components) cloud-controller-manager extra environment variables [$RKE2_CLOUD_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_EXTRA_ENV]
--help, -h show help