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About Hardened Images

RKE2 hardened images are scanned for vulnerabilities at build time, and additional security protections have been added to decrease potential weaknesses:

  • Images are not simply mirrored from upstream builds. The images are built from source on top of a hardened minimal base image, which is currently SLE Base Container Image (BCI).
  • Any binaries that are written in Go are compiled using a FIPS 140-2 compliant build process. For more information on this compiler, refer here.

You will know if an image has been hardened as above by the image name. RKE2 publishes image lists with each release. Refer here for an example of a published image list.


Currently, RKE2 hardened images are multi-architecture. Only the Linux AMD64 architecture is FIPS compliant. Windows and s390x architectures are not FIPS compliant.